Is Spot Reduction a real thing??

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September 15, 2022
Is Spot Reduction a real thing??

Happy Sunday Tribe! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! I had every intention of posting this last Friday but as a lot of you busy Moms can get crazy with kids! We were at the Lake trying to enjoy one last summer weekend before school starts and my oldest daughter got an infected bug bite...we ended up at the Urgent Care and finally got her the antibiotics she here it is...Sunday night and I am finally posting this! :)This week’s blog post will be a short one. I want to briefly discuss “spot reduction” defines spot reduction as “the usually futile effort to exercise one part of the body, as the thighs, in hopes of reducing the amount of fat stored in the area.” This definition is “spot on.” ;-) (I crack myself up!!)Usually when starting with my clients we discuss what they’ve done in the past and what they’re currently doing. Then we see what small changes we can enact to move you closer to your goal. Many times I hear that my clients are attempting to target a certain area like their abs, butt or thighs.Your body is an AMAZING thing. Unfortunately we can’t train it to apply a calorie deficit to a certain area of the body. This means that doing a million sit-ups may help your overall fitness level, but won’t necessarily translate to losing belly fat.Targeted exercises definitely have a place in your fitness plan accompanied by HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and core work. A well rounded fitness and eating plan will help you lower your body fat percentage which will lead to weight loss. As you lower your body fat percentage you will see results in your difficult areas.So when starting or continuing your fitness journey, make sure you have a well rounded plan that includes HIIT training, core work and targeted exercises. Couple this with a caloric deficit and we’ll be on your way to achieving your goals!Need assistance on putting together a plan? How many calories a day should you be eating to move toward your goal? I’m here to help. You can email me at or check out my website to contact me at week we’ll discuss how to eat an elephant. (seriously, it’s a great topic!)

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