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Turning Point

Entering motherhood was a dream. Something I was always eager to begin. For some they bounce right back, I was not that way. I had to really work at it each time. This was discouraging given my active lifestyle. After my 3rd pregnancy, I joined an all-women’s gym while living in Texas. I loved the environment and making time for the gym became easy. I realized I was killing it at the gym, but I still didn’t have the results I wanted. I tried every fad diet out there. Nothing was sustainable. There would be days I’d have so much self-doubt, negative self-talk, or place blame on my genetics. I now know the ups and downs, but also what good comes from consistency. I reeled in on what ingredients I was putting in my body and that was a game changer. I started to drop weight fast. The more I lost the happier I thought I would be. I wasn’t. This was a turning point for me. I then started to track macros. I have done macros for over 7 years. I’m always reading and love learning more about it. I didn’t understand the freedom and different phases until I was in each one of them. Through this process, I realized what I needed to do for my goals. It was crazy to think I was the heaviest I’d been but the strongest and best I’ve ever felt. I ditched the scale. I started listening to my body and paid more attention to my biofeedback. I am more in tune with what my body needs. I’ve learned the importance of fueling my body. I am continually learning more each day. I don’t live to eat, I eat to live!

Motivation & Passion

The FGF community is something I am proud to be a part of! I love all things fitness. I am passionate about helping women reach their goals and change their mindsets. I love watching the ladies do hard things and feel empowered with what they are capable of. I love to see them progress and challenge themselves. They show up and leave more confident than the day before. It’s inspiring to see so many women come together, be consistent, and build healthy habits together! I absolutely love this community!

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