Lisa S.

Lisa S.

Fitness Coach


About Coach

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 25 years! I started back when spinning began. My sister-in-law always went to the gym to spin and was always inviting me to come. Back then, I was younger and did not care about my fitness or my health. I was eating poorly, going out, and not getting enough sleep. I was also afraid to go to the gym because it intimidated me. My sister-in-law finally talked me into a Sat 7 am class and trust me I almost died in that room! I swore I would never go back to that torture chamber again! But I tried it again a week later and fell in love with it! I got completely hooked and then started eating properly and getting enough rest to where I really started feeling a lot better. I kept watching the instructors and wished I could be like them but never had enough confidence to do it. One day I met a guy named Brian who was an instructor and that is where my journey began. He talked me into getting certified and the rest is history! I started teaching spin and then a few years later I received my primary certification and my personal training certification. Since then, I have been teaching multiple different classes such as Spin, Bootcamps, Muscle Works, Core & More, HIIT, Intervals, and BurnZone. I have come a long way from being a shy person who was scared to speak in front of a large crowd!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help others reach their fitness and health goals in a positive environment. My goal is to make everyone feel welcome no matter who they are or what stage in fitness they are at. I love to help someone in their journey and love to see them at the beginning until they find what they are looking for. It is so rewarding to me to be a part of it! I am a Coach who is always looking around the room to make sure everyone has the right form & that they are doing it correctly (even if you don't notice me doing it!) It is very important so no one gets injured. Since coming to FGF, I have enjoyed working in an all-women's gym and enjoy how everyone is so positive and motivating with each other! No one judges anyone and that is very important to me as a Coach and Instructor. My biggest goal as a Coach is to be a part of everyone's journey and be there with them every step of the way! Smiles on everyone's faces make it a great day for me! :)

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