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About Coach

Turning Point

I tried out for my high school dance team at the end of 8th grade (age 13) and made the team. I was so excited but later on that year I realized it wasn’t what my 13-year-old self-thought was expecting. There were a lot of rough patches that I experienced, including a lot of negative words being said to my face and favoritism. In the dance world, you deal with a lot of competition with who is the best dancer, who looks the skinniest, who has the best tricks, and so on. I stopped dancing at the age of 16 because it was affecting my mental health, so I decided to try out for the cheer team senior year to “have a fun senior year” and made the team and really enjoyed being on the team (I back spotted if you were wondering). I definitely conquered my enemy of the negative side of the dance world by moving on and trying something new (cheer) and realizing that I am capable of doing and trying other things. That is why whenever I am working with my clients I always push them to try something new such as adding weight to a certain lift or trying an exercise they have always been scared to do because it shows them what they are actually capable of doing and their smile after doing it is always the best.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help others reach their fitness and health goals in a positive environment. Especially at Fit Girl Fitness, making the women feel comfortable is one of my top priorities. I also always make sure everyone is completing each exercise safely and at their own level or pace. FGF is a 100% judgment-free zone and I take that pretty seriously. Everyone is friends with each other, we help encourage one another when needed, and we always make sure we are having a good time in class. Seeing the members at Fit Girl Fitness achieving their fitness and health goals and being proud of themselves is my motivation and a reminder as to why I love being a fitness coach.

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