Here Come the Holidays (and a million Peloton and Weight Watchers Commercials)

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September 15, 2022
Here Come the Holidays (and a million Peloton and Weight Watchers Commercials)

Here Come the Holidays (and a million Peloton and Weight Watchers Commercials)Happy Friday Ladies! Christmas and New Years is just around the corner. We’re busy as can be here at Fit Girl Fitness. Our members are thriving, and we’re excited that our membership #’s are growing in December!!!Today I wanted to talk about the weight loss industry and how misbehaved it can be in December and January. I’m sure you’re already seeing a TON of commercials for home gym equipment and weight loss programs. The marketing/commercials you’re seeing now is “priming the pump” for the deluge of people looking to make positive changes for the new year.Although these products are not inherently “bad," they’re usually meant to capitalize on a perfect storm of good intentions, expendable money, and guilt from over-indulgence over the holidays.According to Fortune Business Insights, the home fitness equipment segment will bring in over 10 BILLION dollars in 2021. That’s a lot of treadmills… What’s even more shocking is the amount of people who report that they don’t stick with their home fitness/weight loss plan after 30 days! (Don’t even get me started on the $78 BILLION weight loss industry)So what’s the reason for this??? Is it because most people are lazy? Don’t have the will power to stick with it? Not exactly. Below are a few reasons why home gym equipment is not always the best idea.-Are you looking to lose weight? If so, here’s the secret that the home gym equipment won’t tell you. YOU WON’T LOSE WEIGHT JUST BY USING A BIKE/TREADMILL ETC. Adding exercise to you daily routine is absolutely one of the best things you can do to increase your fitness level and become more healthy. To lose weight you MUST be in a caloric deficit. If you’re not eating right, your time on the bike will produce very little (if any) results. Yes, a gym owner is telling you that exercise is futile unless you make other lifestyle changes.-Today, most quality gyms and fitness studios create a community atmosphere which promote accountability and healthy lifestyles. It’s hard to make relationships with a piece of home gym equipment (even the new fancy smart machines!)-As women, we tend to put ourselves last. Unless we have quality time alone, there’s a good chance that we’ll be distracted by family, work or any of the other million things for which we’re responsible. If we commit to a gym or fitness center we’re planning time that is just for us. This is so underrated. In addition to increased fitness levels, some time away from home life (me time) will help you mentally and emotionally. -Your workouts will get stale. Muscle confusion is a real thing, and it helps avoid the dreaded plateau. Although biking or running on a treadmill is great cardiovascular exercise, you probably won’t tone those difficult areas. A quality program at a gym or fitness studio will keep the workouts fresh and exciting.-If you’re interested in a quality piece of home gym equipment, wait until spring. You can usually find them for sale locally for half the retail price. (usually used more as a towel drying rack than it’s intended purpose!)-Recognize the marketing. I laugh at the Peloton commercial where the super skinny girl is riding her bike in the most beautiful house looking at the falling snow through floor to ceiling windows? Do they ever show the average girl who just rolled out of bed sweating it out next to the dryer in the basement?? No…they don’t.-Ok I said I wouldn’t get started on the diet/weight loss industry….but do you really think it’s possible to lose large amounts of weight in 30-60 days and it be sustainable? Don’t try a fad diet….just don’t.Are gyms and fitness studios 100% innocent? No. We pounce on the ever-lucrative New Year’s dollar just like everyone else. The difference is that we’ll provide you with a plan that’s realistic and sustainable. A quality gym will ask you about your goals and give you a roadmap to get there (and probably cost much less than that super expensive smart treadmill that requires a monthly membership in addition to the equipment cost).Whatever your fitness and health goals are, make sure they’re sustainable and fun. If you need help with a plan, I’m here to help. You can always reach me at or visit my website at always ladies, let's focus on being a Fierce & Fabulous Fit Girl!

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