How Much Water Should I Drink??

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September 15, 2022
How Much Water Should I Drink??

Happy Friday Ladies! Hope everyone is staying warm! I’m not a fan of the cold weather. I do however enjoy the holidays! Ahhh, dreaming I was at the ocean like the girl in the picture above! I frequently get questions about the amount of water people should drink daily.The quick answer is “it depends...”Check out the linked article from Harvard Medical School that discusses how to assess your individual needs. It might not be as much as you think! article explains that there is no perfect formula. It also explains the warning signs of being dehydrated along with the benefits of proper hydration....I know dehydration all too well! I actually developed kidney stones years ago because I was dehydrated! I was hospitalized for a couple of days & felt the pain was worse than childbirth! :(I like to suggest at least 80oz of water per day for healthy women. However that is a lot...especially if you are used to drinking a glass or two of water per day! I always suggest making small changes to water intake. Drastic changes will result in you quitting after a day or two! You can't easily go from 8oz a day to 80oz a day! You will be spending the entire day in the bathroom and will quit! I recommend slowly increasing your water intake over a couple of weeks...go slow. Add an extra glass each day and let not only your body adjust but your mind too! The biggest complaint I hear is that plain water is boring. I have ways to fix that! I suggest adding natural flavor and not the flavor packets. Try adding some fresh sliced cucumbers, limes, lemons, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, etc. Or you could add mint or other herbs. I love putting sliced cucumbers in mine because it makes me feel like I am at the Spa when I drink it! :) I also don't suggest getting overly motivated and buying one the of the "gallon" water bottles. It is way too big to lug around with you and not so convenient to drink out of or store in your car. I suggest the 32oz or 64oz bottles. If you drink it with a straw, you will drink more! That is a proven fact! I suggest taking 10 sips of water each time your mouth hits that straw to help you consume more! If you have any questions on your individual needs please contact me at or email me at katie@fitgirlfit.comAs always ladies, let's focus on being a Fierce & Fabulous Fit Girl!

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