If The Only Reason You Exercise Is To Lose Weight, You’re Doing It Wrong!

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September 15, 2022
If The Only Reason You Exercise Is To Lose Weight, You’re Doing It Wrong!

If The Only Reason You Exercise Is To Lose Weight, You’re Doing It Wrong!Happy Friday Ladies! The last two weeks have been some of the most fulfilling and exciting of my life! The community is forming. Goals are being set. Bodies are becoming more healthy.We’re doing some really amazing things here at Fit Girl Fitness.Today I wanted to talk about your fitness journey and how it’s coupled with weight loss.Almost every client I talk to says their #1 goal is to lose weight or tone their body. Weight loss is an excellent goal and having a healthy body fat percentage is an excellent indicator of health. After I discuss personal goals and a roadmap to get my clients on track to achieving those goals I then ask the question that stumps most people.“Then What?”After you put in the hard work and dedication to achieve the body that you strived for….then what??? Usually this question is met with a confused look or silence.Weight loss is a by-product of a caloric deficit. This is achieved through a combination of nutritional changes and exercise. After you’ve implemented and achieved the first phase of your fitness journey, what do you do? Do you plan on going back to the lifestyle that got you in this position in the first place? Do you plan on exercising regularly and reaping the physical, mental and emotional benefits that working out provides?Have you noticed that all gyms have members at every different fitness level? Why do you think the ultra-fit people still exercise? It’s because they value fitness over everything else. Live a healthy/active lifestyle and everything else will fall in place in regards to weight and fitness.There’s a reason my business is named Fit Girl Fitness. There’s a reason why under my business name the bullet points are:-Fitness-Nutrition-Accountability-Community(notice weight loss is nowhere to be found on my signage)So what does this all mean? Do yourself a favor. Don’ t look at joining a gym or fitness center just to lose weight. If you want to drop pounds quickly with no plan on what do afterwards you may as well do a crash diet, drop a few lbs and then come talk to me when you gain it all back. Your plan needs to be realistic. Your plan needs to be sustainable.Most of all, your plan needs to be fun.The benefits of exercise are too numerous to list here. You’ll get better sleep. You’ll be emotionally and mentally stronger. The long term physical benefits are AMAZING. As healthcare costs skyrocket, living a fit lifestyle will pay off exponentially! Oh, and to be honest, you don’t have to join a gym to live a fit lifestyle. Yes, here I am a gym owner saying that there’s other ways to be fit. (But our way is super fun AND effective!!!!)So whatever you do, make sure you have a plan. In our lives we have financial plans, business plans, career plans. If we don’t prioritize a fitness plan, it may be impossible to achieve your other goals.If you’d like help putting plan together to increase your fitness and enjoy the by-product (weight loss) of living a fit lifestyle, I’m here to help. My contact info is on my website www.fitgirlfit.comAs always ladies, let's focus on being a Fit, Fierce & Fabulous Fit Girl!

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