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September 15, 2022

Happy Friday Ladies! I hope everyone had a wonderful week! We’ve been extremely busy getting the studio ready for our opening on October 4th. SO EXCITED!!!!I wanted to share an article I found on about the importance of sleep and how quality sleep correlates with weight loss. I’m a HUGE proponent of a standard sleep schedule. It’s so important to get your 7-8 hours of sleep each day. I know that life, work, family & EVERYTHING tends to come first for us. I myself am guilty of putting my needs behind others. One area which I try to make non-negotiable is sleep. “Even with the very best diet and fitness routine, if sleep is off, you’re wrecked.”Check out the linked article below to see why. article illustrates that sleep is an intregal part of a healthy lifestyle.Some interesting facts are pointed out:-30% of American’s don’t get enough sleep. 30% of Americans are obese. (Coincidence???)-Sleep Controls Your Diet-Poor Sleep Changes Your Fat Cells (I learned a new term, “metabolic grogginess”)-Lack of Rest Makes You Crave Food-Poor Sleep Sabotages Gym Time-A sleep deprived diet can result in 55% LESS weight loss than a person who is well rested.Here’s the hard truth. If you’re not prioritizing getting quality sleep regularly, your body is stressed and not functioning properly. If you feel your diet and exercise aren’t getting the results you want…check your sleep. There’s a good chance your body is not rested. You have to feel 100% to give max effort during your workouts. Working out when you haven't gotten enough sleep can be detrimental. So let's focus on at least 7 hours of sleep each night!As always ladies, let's focus on being a Fit, Fierce & Fabulous Fit Girl!

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