Trust me, strength training is NOT scary!!

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September 15, 2022
Trust me, strength training is NOT scary!!

Happy Friday Tribe!This week I want to discuss weight training. The fear of “the other side of the gym” leads many of us to shy away from any type of free weight exercise.I found this article from Women’s Health Magazine which perfectly illustrates why including strength training in your weekly exercise routine is a MUST for almost everyone. Strength training will help you lose weight, become more tone and ultimately can help you live longer.Here are some awesome benefits according to the article- Strength Training Builds And Maintains Muscle Mass2. Strength Training Makes Your Joints Stronger.3. Strength Training Is One Of The Best Forms Of Low-Impact Cardio Exercise.4.Strength Training Supports Weight Loss And Weight Management.5.Strength Training Improves Your Cardiovascular Health.6.Strength Training Protects Bone Health.7.Strength Training Improves Your Mood and Mental Health.8. Strength Training May Actually Help You Live Longer.Sometimes when meeting with new clients I see fear when I tell them that our program includes a healthy dose of strength training. They start to visualize the huge guys at the gym bench pressing crazy amounts. They envision a total “bro-fest." In the past, this has led them to shy away from weights and inevitably end up on a treadmill or elliptical.As detailed in the article, strength training doesn’t have to be super heavy. It doesn’t have to be done in a squat rack or any other type of intimidating device. Weight training means that you’re incorporating additional weight into you exercise routine. Here at Fit Girl Fitness, we’ll achieve this by mostly using kettlebells and dumbbells of various sizes. We’ll include these in our HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts for a fun an fabulous 45 minutes!And don’t worry ladies. Strength training will NOT make you “bulky” or “beefy”! :)So pick up the weights ladies! Even if they’re the small ones. You’ll be amazed at the progress you can make in a short amount of time!Need help figuring out where to start? I’m here to help! Contact me at katie@fitgirlfit.comAs always ladies, let's focus on being a Fit, Fierce & Fabulous Fit Girl!

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