Why Does My Weight Fluctuate Day to Day?

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September 15, 2022
Why Does My Weight Fluctuate Day to Day?

Happy FRY-Day ladies! It’s been soooo hot this week. I’m proud of the FGF Tribe for sweating it out!I read this article from InBody this week which breaks down how our weight can fluctuate from day to day.For my clients who are looking to drop lbs, this is an excellent read. It explains that everything from sodium intake to your menstrual cycle can make your weight fluctuate.The most important thing to realize is that weight is only a small part of the fitness equation. The best way to measure weight loss is to chart it month over month. You’ll drive yourself mad if you get caught up with your daily changes…and have a much higher chance of quitting! Also, we’ve touched on muscle mass vs fat. Sometimes that scale doesn’t move much, but you lose inches and your body fat % lowers.So give this article a read. You’ll be glad you did!https://inbodyusa.com/blogs/inbodyblog/why-does-my-weight-fluctuate-day-to-day/

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