Is Your Goal Really Your Goal???

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September 15, 2022
Is Your Goal Really Your Goal???

Happy Friday Ladies! So excited to see warm weather peeking around the corner! Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get some outside workouts on the schedule!Today I wanted to briefly discuss your goal—and if your goal is really your goal. What do I mean by that?When I sit down and create client success roadmaps, I always ask what their end goal is. The most common response is "I want to lose weight." I get it. Who doesn’t want to slim down, have more energy, look better and feel better right? The crazy thing is that depending on your personal situation, losing weight may not be the answer. In fact, coupling your success with a number on the scale may be counterproductive.I understand that we all want to smile when stepping on the scale. We want to be “back down” to whatever time you felt the happiest in your skin. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself this question. Is it the # on the scale that will make you happy, or the way you think you’ll look and feel when you hit that #? Yup… it’s the way you’ll look and feel.I try to change your thought process when it comes to weight and health. The truth is that a healthy eating plan coupled with weight/HIIT training will help you slim down, have more energy and look better. The crazy thing is that sometimes this happens and your weight will stay the same or increase. This is due to building more muscle and burning fat. (and no, you WON’T get bulky!)It’s so disheartening when I work with clients who are losing inches, getting stronger and feeling great, but feel like they’re failing because the scale isn’t moving. The fact is that you probably should not be looking at the scale at all if you’re eating right and staying active. The truth is the amount you weigh is only a small factor of your overall health. Your body fat % (not BMI), and measurements are more likely to be a better indicator of health and progress than just the scale.If you starve yourself to make the scale move you’re probably going to hate life and experience what we call “skinny fat." This is not what you want either. You want to focus on being slim and toned. I challenge you to only step on the scale once a month (just to make sure it's not going too far in the wrong direction). Then just focus on taking body measurements once a month and see how your clothes are feeling. You will be amazed at how great you feel in your clothes even though the number may not be changing on the scale! Trust me...don't let the scale run your life and stall your progress! Reach out to me if you struggle with this and need help! I can help you set realistic goals and help you get excited about those Non-Scale Victories! I can be reached at or

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