Stuck In a Rut???  Here’s Exactly What To Do

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September 15, 2022
Stuck In a Rut???  Here’s Exactly What To Do

Happy Friday ladies! June is here in all it’s beauty. The weather is great. Kids are out of school. (yay??? ) We’re close to the halfway point of the year. It’s common in late spring and early summer for people to feel like they’re getting into a rut.Some people call it a plateau, a rut, or are just darn tired. Many people experience this during the summer months whether they’re new or a veteran to exercise and fitness.See below a list of concerns I heard over the past few weeks, and my thoughts on how to combat them!I’m still doing all the right things and my weight loss has plateaued or even worse, I’ve gained some back!!!Two things can be happening here. First, you’ve lost some weight and your body has adjusted to the calorie intake and new activity level. Congratulations! You’ve accomplished a bunch. You’ll need adjust your calorie intake and get back into a caloric deficit. The other situation is that you’ve gradually slipped a bit and are not consistently doing the behaviors you were previously. Either way, this is an easy one to overcome. Figure out your calorie needs and get back into a deficit.I feel like I’m in a fitness and nutritional rut.So summer is here. There’s a lot of things on your mind besides meal-prepping and pushing sleds at the gym. It’s easy on a holiday weekend to forgo planning your weekly meals. It’s also easy to miss a few of your exercise sessions. My advice is to mix it up! Challenge yourself to prep lunches this month that are new and different. Having a hard time getting motivated to exercise? Plan your workouts with a friend. It’s beautiful outside. Get out and do something outside. Whatever you do, just mix it up!I’m bored with my routine.Are you challenging yourself? When’s the last time you increased your weight during strength training? If you’ve stayed with the same weight/routine for months, I guarantee you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. Normally lift 20lb dumbells? Try 25 or 30. There’s no risk to challenging yourself! Also, have you set goals for the next three months? If not, you should. Make sure they’re measurable and attainable.So whatever your challenge is, face it and conquer it. Refuse to give back any progress you’ve made. One of the best ways to keep yourself accountable is to measure where your at now, and review your progress every 4-6 weeks. As some of you may know, Fit Girl Fitness now offers InBody scans. An InBody scan will tell you everything you want to know about your muscle/vs fat percentage. It’s a great tool to measure progress!Keep pushing ladies! You’ve got this!

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