How To Navigate the Superbowl and Other "Food Bomb" Gatherings

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September 15, 2022
How To Navigate the Superbowl and Other "Food Bomb" Gatherings

Happy Friday Ladies. Well, at least it’s not super cold…just super wet. Spring is a little over a month away!We all know that the Superbowl is this weekend. Many times, Superbowl weekend can be the last nail in the New Year’s resolution coffin! Maybe you ate a little too much during the recent snowstorm. Maybe your goals weren’t realistic. Maybe you're just human.My goal in writing this now is to give you some ideas to refresh and reengage your great intentions!First off, have you been eating and moving like you need to? Are you closer to your goal every week? If not you should probably step back and take stock of your situation. I can assure you that all is not lost. It doesn’t take much to relight that fire!Second-After you’ve re-affirmed your commitment, you’ll need to figure out how to navigate the diet-busting food bomb coming to a house near you this Sunday!Here’s some advice on how to navigate Superbowl parties.#1 Don’t Starve Yourself the Day of the Superbowl Because You’ll be Eating Extra Calories in the Evening. I used to do this before all major holidays and functions. Guess what? I ended up eating way more total calories for the day than I would have if I ate healthy meals beforehand. Showing up to a party hungry with an empty stomach is a recipe for overindulging!#2 Do Drink A Lot! No not alcohol or soda…but water. It’s ok to have an alcoholic drink or two, or soda (or whatever you like). Just make sure there’s plenty of water too! Reason 1-Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and you’ll be more likely to overeat. Reason 2-The more water you drink, the more full you’ll feel.#3 Eat Everything From A Plate- I know it’s tempting to graze of a table full of food. The danger zone is usually the island in the kitchen. Try anything and everything you want. Just make sure to put it on a plate and eat it away from the huge table of yummies just calling your name!#4 Commit To Your Weekly Exercise Plan BEFORE You Go To the Superbowl Party!-- ForFit Girl Fitnessmembers, that means signing up for the next week’s classes before you go to the party! (Especially my 5:15 AM warriors!) Know that you’re on track for the rest of the week no matter what happens on Sunday.#5 Realize You're Human, and If You Happen to Eat Too Much It’s OK- Listen—one day cannot and will not derail a solid fitness and eating plan. In some cases where you’ve been in a caloric deficit for and extended time, a high calorie day can actually reset your metabolism! can always take a healthy appetizer that actually tastes good! Let me know if you need some recipe ideas because I have a bunch of Super Bowl Appetizer recipes to share! Whatever your plans are, please be safe and have fun! Enjoy food, friends and fellowship!

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